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Training Programs

Our approach

RCC creates, administers, and measures training programs to clinics who already have functional radiotherapy equipment but limited access to education and training. Many of our beneficiary clinics have recently acquired new equipment that allows them to use more advanced radiotherapy techniques. Our programs deliver a comprehensive and practical overview of different radiotherapy techniques. We've designed our programs to aid clinics in their transition to new techniques and to deepen clinicians' understanding of the fundamentals needed to deliver radiotherapy that is safe, high-quality, and life-saving.

A typical RCC program consists of weekly 1-hr sessions, over the course of approximately 20 weeks. Our courses are all virtual (over Zoom), to promote easy of access. Each program follows a syllabus that was created by a lead educator, someone with many years of experience in that technique. Each time we administer a program, we recruit interested clinics who are in the same region and share similar needs. We have delivered courses in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. Our lectures are led by volunteer educators who are experts in the topic they are presenting. During the live lectures, we foster a safe learning environment and encourage questions and discussion. We supply participants with the lecture videos and slides for independent study. Our programs also include take-home assignments, which allow participants to get individualized feedback.

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