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HDR Brachytherapy for Medical Physicists in Latin America

Implementing HDR Brachytherapy is an incredibly important process in developing an excellent cancer center. However, it can be a very complicated technique with very important details that can compromise the entire efforts of the team if they are not executed perfectly. 

The role of the medical physicist is the base of the entire Brachytherapy program — from the beginning of the installation, the reception of the radioactive source, and the commissioning, to the quality control, the applicator selection, and the insertion, simulation, and planning. The physicist are the ones who make the life-changing treatments possible for our patients.

This HDR Brachytherapy course taught Medical Physicists from 7 different countries Latin American from October of 2021 - February of 2022. The course was offered entirely in Spanish and taught by Spanish-speaking educators. Below you can find a summary of the course outline as well as a link to the Zoom recordings and Powerpoint Presentations for each of the sessions.

Lead Educator: Jose Garcia-Ramirez, Medical Physicist at Washington University in St. Louis

Supporting Educators: 9

Total Sessions: 16

Jose Garcia-Ramirez.jpeg
Curriculum Outline
Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 5.38.30 PM.png
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