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Advanced IMRT for Radiation Therapists in Latin America

The transition from 2D to 3D to IMRT for radiation therapists is a crucial point in the development of a high-quality IMRT program. Ensuring safe, proper, and consistent methods for treatment setups, patient positioning, and image verification is essential. It is the first step needed to ensure that treatment contours and plans are being applied correctly to patients as intended.

The Advanced IMRT for RTTs course was taught in 9 countries across Latin American from May of 2021 - September of 2021. Below you can find a summary of the course outline as well as a link to the Zoom recordings and Powerpoint Presentations for each of the sessions.

Lead Educator: Elaine Herbert, RTT at Stanford

Supporting Educators: 13

Total Sessions: 19

Curriculum Outline
Lista de sesiones y educadores.png
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