2D to 3D EBRT Curriculum Overview

This pilot curriculum creates a virtual classroom environment allowing lively interaction, practical document-sharing, real-time questions, and follow-up over the course of 12 weeks. Our educators are some of the world's top professionals, hailing from a consortium of academic universities in the United States.

Lead Educators

Dr. Shada Ramahi                             Dr. Piotr Dubrowski

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Curriculum Outline
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  1. Grand Opening: Overview of transitioning from 2D to 3D EBRT

  2. Acceptance and Commissioning, Strategy, Capabilities, and Planning

  3. Patient positioning and fixation

  4. Importing CTs, Creating Structure sets

  5. Prescribing and Reporting (ICRU 50/62) and Written Planning Directives

  6. Basic 3D Conformal planning and introduction to plan interpretation:

  7. Advanced 3D Planning Methods

  8. IGRT: guidelines for matching/alignment, methods and workflows 

  9. Clinics share their current documentation and clinic workflows

  10. Clinics share revised documentation and clinic workflows

  11. IGRT: Clinics share overview, photos, and/or videos of current set-ups

  12. Reviewing Portal Images (Practical Basic cases)

  13. Contouring: Introduction to ProKnow and Instructions for uploading cases

  14. Contouring Training Cases with ProKnow: Cervical Cancer

  15. Contouring Training Cases with ProKnow: Breast

  16. Evaluating normal tissue constraints and plans for treatment

  17. External Beam QA program review

  18. Example Session with Chart Rounds and Peer Review

  19. Panel review of HW assignments

  20. External Calibration Audit

  21. Morning QA with IGRT verification / Couch shifts with RTT

  22. 2nd Check software

  23. Treatment Delivery

  24. Reviewing Portal Images (Practical, Advanced/Difficult Cases)

  25. Working through challenges

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