HDR Brachytherapy Curriculum

In 2019, Rayos Contra Cancer introduced its HDR Brachytherapy Curriculum. The curriculum consists of 19 one-hour sessions that are taught over a three-month training period. The topics are outlined here:

Session 1: HDR Physics

Session 2: Shipping and Accepting a New Source

Session 3: Commissioning Machines

Session 4: Commissioning Source Strength

Session 5: Commissioning Applicators

Session 6: Ring Applicators

Session 7: TPS Commissioning Part 1

Session 8: TPS Commissioning Part 2

Session 9: Accepting a New Source

Session 10: Applicators and Uses

Session 11: Cylinders

Session 12: Tandem and Ovoid

Session 13: Tandem and Ring

Session 14: Radiobiology and EQD2

Session 15: Emergency Procedures

Session 16: Clinical HDR Brachytherapy

Session 17: HDR Brachytherapy Demo 1: Planning Tandem and Ovoid

Session 18: HDR Brachytherapy Demo 2: Planning of Tandem and Ring

Session 19: HDR Brachytherapy Demo 3: Cervical Cancer Contouring

We would not have been able to produce or carry out this curriculum without the dedication and the passion of our educators, who we are all very thankful for. Please enjoy a preview of selected materials below. For more information, please contact us.

Session 1: HDR Physics and technology and preparation for a new HDR suite 

Peter Sandwall, Ph.D

Medical Physicist


Session 6: Ring Applicators

Claire Dempsey, PhD

University of Newcastle / University of Washington

Adam Shulman, MS DABR

National Center for Cancer Care & Research, Doha, Qatar

Session 10: Applicators and Uses

Dan Scanderbeg, PhD.

Medical Physicist

University of California, San Diego

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