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RCC Program Manager
- Job Opening -

About the Position

Are you passionate about health equity? Do you want to make a tangible impact in increasing the accessibility of medical education & training? Are you looking for a job that will build your leadership abilities as you develop a foundational understanding of the global health landscape?


If so, the Rayos Contra Cancer Program Manager position may be the perfect fit for you!

Rayos Contra Cancer (RCC) was founded in 2018 with the mission to create sustainable access to timely, high-quality, and affordable radiation treatment for cancer patients in resource-limited settings globally. One of the biggest limitations in cancer care in low- and middle-income countries is a lack of opportunities for affordable advanced radiotherapy training. RCC addresses this education gap by providing free, virtual radiotherapy trainings to clinics and medical professionals around the world. These curriculums are taught by world-class volunteer educators from both the U.S. and abroad and are coordinated by the RCC team.

The Rayos Contra Cancer Program Manager is an invaluable member of the RCC team. This position is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working on global health projects and improving access to high-quality cancer treatment in resource-limited settings. As the Program Manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of RCC to continue running our international radiation therapy curriculums on topics that help cancer clinicians use existing advanced technology to deliver life-saving treatments at their centers. This will involve coordinating with expert volunteer medical professionals as well as communicating course information with participants in low- and middle-income countries all over the world. You will also have ample support from other RCC team members and volunteers who will help you execute high-quality training programs.

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"What I have seen is a motivated group of people that really want to give from the
heart. You set the bar high with RCC."
-Volunteer Educator


"RCC does a tremendous job...I was tickled by that palpable feeling of community…"
-Volunteer Educator

The Rayos Contra Cancer Program Manager position is a full-time, completely remote job that will start in April or May 2023 (specific start date to be discussed with candidates).


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Executive Director and expert volunteers to plan and run high-quality virtual training programs

  • Design and circulate pre- & post-program assessments for data collection & analysis. Monitor metrics across programs

  • Recruit and provide guidance to volunteer educators & moderators 

  • Communicate with participants or prospective participants

  • Build professional relationships & lead planning meetings with partnering clinics 

  • Assess individual clinic and region needs to help guide RCC’s strategic development

  • Design clear workflows for organizational operations

  • Think creatively and independently to identify areas of improvement and implement solutions

  • Assist in the management of the RCC website & email inboxes

  • Maintain PowerPoints, recordings, photos, and other media well organized

  • Publish bi-annual RCC newsletters


  • Interested in global health or health equity. Mission-oriented

  • Possesses a bachelor's degree (completed by May 2023 or earlier)

  • Able to work independently, detail-oriented & organized. Commitment to high-quality work

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong cultural awareness and sensitivity

  • Comfortable with virtual platforms (Zoom, Learning Management Systems, etc.)

  • *Prior professional work experience is valued but not required

  • *Prior radiation therapy knowledge is valued but not required (learning opportunities will be available)

  • *Spanish or Arabic fluency is highly valued but not require

Application process

To apply for the Rayos Contra Cancer Program Manager position, please fill out the short form at the bottom of this page. It is designed to take about 15 minutes to complete. After you complete the form, please send us your resume/CV via email to Successful applicants will be invited to complete our next steps in the recruitment process. The deadline to apply is February 1st. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Rayos Contra Cancer Program Manager Application (Closed)

Briefly describe what appeals to you about the Rayos Contra Cancer mission. (2-5 sentences) 

How does the RCC Program Manager position relate to your interests and goals? (2-5 sentences)

What experiences will you draw upon for this role? Feel free to mention any professional, academic, or personal experiences that demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurship. Please also mention if you speak additional languages and your proficiency in that language (eg. beginner, conversational, advanced, fluent). (2-5 sentences)

This role is designed for people who are striving to build impactful careers and is supportive of their professional growth. In the past we have been very flexible if the Program Manager is applying to medical school and has interviews to accommodate. Please comment below if there is anything that you would like us to know that you have not already mentioned (eg. "I will be taking the MCAT in August 2023" or "I am applying medical school during the 2023-2023 cycle"). (1-3 sentences)

Thanks for submitting! Don't forget to send us your resume/CV at

We are sorry, the deadline to apply has passed and this form no longer accepts submissions.

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Do I need to have global health experience to be competitive for this position?

We are looking for mission-oriented individuals who are genuinely interested in the success of our global health initiatives. However, prior experience in the global health field is not required.

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