Contour Connections

One virtual connection. Lifetime of impact.

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What is Contour Connections?

Contour Connections pairs volunteer reviewers with clinicians at RCC partner sites that have recently participated in an RCC educational program. Together, the pair will arrange a 1-hr zoom session to virtually review cases on the online platform ProKnows. 


What is the goal of the program?

  • Utilize technology and 1-on-1 mentorship to exchange knowledge and “best practices” 

  • Employ case-based learning to master complexity

  • Grow a global network of peer mentors together!


Volunteer Reviewers

Currently accepting volunteer reviewers. Volunteers will be assigned one clinical partner. Estimated total time requirement: 1- 2hr

“Join now” (small box) – link to webpage:


LMIC Clinicians:

Clinicians enrolled in an RCC course may be invited to participate on a rolling basis (pending volunteer availability and successful completion of course materials). Feel free to notify your course instructor if you or your clinic are interested in participating.  





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“I had a very positive experience with Contour Connections. It was my first time having the opportunity to be an official educator and to consolidate what I had learned in training, I enjoyed pointing out the common mistakes I used to make and helping others avoid these common mistakes. It was very gratifying to share knowledge in a friendly, informal environment where everyone comes excited to learn.”
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“The contouring feedback session was helpful and I greatly appreciate the time we spend with the team. On personal note… one on one via virtue sessions, this I believe other doctors will also appreciate.”


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Katie Lichter, MD MPH

University of California San Francisco


Becky Lee, MD MPH

Loma Linda University Health


Ben Li, MD MBA

RCC Founder, President

University of California San Francisco