RCC-Radiating Hope Partnership

Radiating Hope is a nonprofit organization that combines a passion for mountain climbing with the mission of finding a cure for cancer. Their main mission is to identify areas of the world that are in need of improved radiation therapy and provide the equipment necessary to improve patient care. The worldwide standard for baseline radiation treatment capacity is for there to exist one radiation megavolt machine per ever 100,000 - 200,000 people in a region. 

Learn more about current numbers that Radiating Hope has compiled about the number of machines that exist in certain countries here

Seamless Integration

As we conduct RCC education and training programs, we encounter equipment needs and shortages in Latin America and other parts of the world. We highlight these needs to Radiating Hope and work with Flexport.org to coordinate at-cost shipments for donated equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Through coordination, RCC can assist in the follow through with education, training, and remote clinic support to operate technology safely and effectively. The combined effects of available equipment and training by some of the world's leading experts in radiation oncology are a promising start to a future of improved cancer care. 

New Heights

Radiating Hope organizes mountain climbing trips that involve climbers of all experience and skill levels. These trips also contribute to Radiating Hope's main mission: being able to fund the donation of radiation therapy equipment.

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