RCC-ProKnow Partnership

RCC is proud to work with ProKnow to advance global health oncology initiatives as a team with industry leaders in radiation oncology. ProKnow makes a cloud-based RT-PACS and big data discovery system as well as cloud-based quality systems for contouring and planning. Their stated mission is to help improve the standard of care in radiation oncology by providing high-performance, cloud-based software solutions that achieve the following:

  • Store and manage critical data,

  • Provide an online, modular framework to allow distribution of vital tasks across multiple users and sites,

  • Measure quality and quantify variability,

  • Perform custom analytics to provide data-driven insights, and

  • Help identify best practices in terms of proven performance and clinical outcomes.

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Simple yet powerful

In 2018, Rayos Contra Cancer partnered with ProKnow, a simple and powerful cloud-based radiotherapy software. We now integrate this technology with Project ECHO sessions to create high-quality, interactive, and accessible education and training for clinics in developing settings, among many other applications. 

Cloud-Based Portal for Radiation Oncology

Rayos Contra Cancer connects clinicians using ProKnow to demonstrate, analyze and peer review treatment plans from anywhere in the world. By integrating this software with our partners, we aim to enhance bidirectional learning with precision, and create further paths for engagement. 


Comparative Metrics

ProKnow offers an array of metrics ranging from contouring precision to acceptable dosage. Rayos Contra Cancer utilizes quality metrics to perform analysis on the effectiveness of our training and education in promoting clinical competency. 

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