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RCC operates several productive partnerships that bolster its mission. RCC’s network of volunteer educators extends to both academic and private radiotherapy practices throughout the United States.

ProKnow and Latin America Collaborative Study-1 (LACOS-1)

RCC believes that research is essential for both short term and long term improvement in settings of economic growth. Through our work, we seek to empower future leaders in careers with research. There are enormous potential and interest that we can help bring to light. Rayos Contra Cancer has partnered with ProKnow to bring forth the first Latin American Cooperative Study (LACOS-1). This initiative invites clinics across Latin America (including 14 centers from 9 countries) for new cloud-based collaboration, plan assessment, and comparative analysis to demonstrate real practices, and to help construct the most meaningful roadmap for improvement. Through this, and other innovative projects and collaborations, RCC hopes to be a vessel for expression, idea sharing, and cooperation to bring the strongest innovative and scalable studies to life.

RCC is also active in promoting investigations related to advancements in global health education, training, and national development. We especially encourage involvement of passionate faculty, residents, and medical students to get involved and gain experience in this fascinating field. Furthermore, we are open to industry and emerging technology collaborations with select sites - where we identify strong opportunities for clinical growth and shared victories in the raise against cancer.





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​Are you interested or passionate about getting involved but not sure where to start? Or are you looking to accelerate the development of your program initiatives? We have identified bilateral exchange as a fantastic way to accomplish both.


This is an initiative that aims to match radiation oncology trainees from around the world with observership experiences in the US. Bilateral exchange emphasizes a bi-directional flow of information so that we can be a more connected, well-informed, and united scientific community. There is no cost to participate as a host, and even short-term (1-2 week) bilateral exchange can have a major positive impact for both sides involved. If interested, we would love to hear from you in the form below. 


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Bilateral Exchange

  • Coordinated Partnership for Equipment and Shipping

    • Partners: Radiating Hope, Flexport Non-Profit Consulting & Project Pyramid (Turner Family Center)


  • ChartRounds LATAM support

    • Partners: 


  • RCC Formation of Latin American Residents in Radiation Oncology (LARRO) Residency Training Registry in Latin America.

    • Partners: LARRO 


  • Artificial Intelligence Perspectives and Needs Assessment.

    • Partners: MAIA Labs Economic Modeling & Project Pyramid (Turner Family Center)


  • RCC University, a Program for Training New Volunteers.

    • Partners: American Medical Association