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RCC creates, administers, and measures longitudinal curriculum programs to clinics with functional medical equipment, but gaps in education and training. RCC is the only certified radiation oncology program of Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes), a tested model for using telementoring to empower medical experts in underserved communities. RCC’s education and training programs connect its pool of volunteer experts to cohorts of clinics who share a need for specific medical education and training. These experts work to improve the quality of treatments provided at each center. We facilitate multi- institutional collaboration, mobilize medical professionals and students, and incorporate cloud-based technology in our initiatives. Working together, we call this modern approach to global health as "Telehealth Brigades".


Clinic Development


Our current projects focus on exceptional sites where interest is very strong for bilateral partnership. We benefit from the vision and energy that local practitioners share with us. As we develop these projects, we aim to organize a regional and intercontinental awareness to see how efforts can ultimately help other countries.

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Education and Training Model

Rayos Contra Cancer is an official partner of Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)  based at University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Project ECHO addresses the concern of shortage of medical experts in rural and underserved communities using telecommunications technology. Through hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing networks, RCC's Project ECHO utilizes a model that connects experts around the world to clinics that have a shortage in specific medical education and training. These experts work to improve the quality of treatments in underserved communities.

We incorporate key, collaborative components, such as multi-institutional support, medical student involvement, and cloud-based technology into our telehealth initiative. We seek experts in oncology, medical physics fields, and radiation therapy to offer their insights to support Latin American cancer professionals in high-volume centers. To see an example, view samples from our SBRT/SRS Curriculum or our HDR Brachytherapy Curriculum

By empowering professionals to utilize existing resources and technology to their fullest extent, we can help them treat more patients with higher quality care, improve patient outcomes in a regional distribution, decrease queues in the medical system, and plant the seeds for a generation of loco-regional healthcare leaders.

Education is the doorway to engagement, and engagement is the foundation for collaboration.