RCC-Flexport Partnership

Flexport is a freight forwarding company that meets the needs that other shipping companies cannot - shipping oversized and overweight packages with the efficiency and user-friendliness we’ve come to expect from mailing parcels. They coordinate with other asset owners who have the means to ship large items and make the process of getting a shipment from A to B seamless. Instead of balancing the large number of moving parts and steps involved in the transport of the shipment using phone calls and emails, they have developed new software to automate portions of the process. In addition to this software, they also have licensed personnel who are experienced in dealing with the logistics involved, making sure everything goes smoothly and that every client is informed and satisfied. The combination of software and humans increases efficiency without sacrificing the ability to deal with any complexities that arise. 

The freight-forwarding industry is a $1 trillion industry that can be improved and Flexport has made it its mission to do just that. Flexport has more than 14 offices and warehouses around the world and more than 12,000 employees. They reduce supply chain costs and save clients an average of 2.5 hours per week. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions in their shipping process and have helped their customers do the same. Their team is made up of world-traveled workers who are passionate about helping underserved parts of the world. With Flexport, we can see a future where RCC will be able to ship cancer equipment, large and small, to all parts of the world. 

Click below to learn more about success stories from clients who have drastically improved their shipping processes using Flexport.

This year, we partnered with FlexPort and Radiating Hope in order to provide much-needed brachytherapy technology to a clinic in La Paz Bolivia. The clinic we were working with was Hospital Municipal La Portada, which works in conjunction with the Children's Hospital (Hospital del Nino) of La Paz. A physician we worked with in Dayton, Ohio was generous enough to donate a linear accelerator to this clinic, allowing them to perform life-saving treatments.


Given our partnership with Flexport, we are able to transport this equipment from Ohio to Bolivia safely and quickly. We are hopeful that we will be able to carry out other such donations in the future and provide clinics in low- and middle-income countries with the necessary resources to assist in patient care. 

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