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Rayos Contra Cancer


We‘ve partnered with ProKnow to improve the education that we provide in low- and middle-income countries. ProKnow’s industry-leading software in radiation treatment contouring helps medical experts delineate their treatments effectively, receive feedback on their plan, and work to improve their skills. In addition, we can utilize ProKnow to

  • Store and manage critical data,

  • Provide an online, modular framework to allow distribution of vital tasks across multiple users and sites,

  • Measure quality and quantify variability,

  • Perform custom analytics to provide data-driven insights, and

  • Help identify best practices in terms of proven performance and clinical outcomes.

ProKnow recently featured Rayos Contra Cancer in their podcast. In this episode (below) of “The Fraction” podcast, host Dr. Ben Nelms interviews the founder of RCC, Dr. Benjamin Li, MD, MBA, who explains the origins, methods, and ultimate goals of the organization. 

ProKnow The Fraction Episode 2 - ProKnow
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